Kate Swanson

Kate Swanson in limited words is an avocado, quinoa, balsamic vinegar, and acai bowl addict. From Rancho Santa Fe, CA she is a current student-athlete at Yale, playing volleyball and majoring in History. Her HappyStyle is constantly changing, but her favorite brands, as of today, are anything and everything!! She loves switching it up. Her HappyThoughts come from cheesy quotes (sucker for those), her constant desire to travel, and her dream to one day write a TV show that everyone wants to binge watch. Her bucket list is endless, but Cuba, Peru and Thailand are three places definitely at the top. She tends to have grandiose ideas so Everest is for sure on the list. Among other things, she anxiously awaits Thursday night Grey's Anatomy, fan girling over anything by Shonda Rhimes, and any concert in town. 


Sierra Lyle

Sierra is a southern California girl at heart. She is from Encinitas, CA and goes to the beach practically every day she can to catch some rays, float in the ocean and to get a few games of beach volleyball in.  She currently is a student-athlete at Dartmouth College, playing volleyball and studying Sociology in the beautiful state of New Hampshire! Sierra would like to think that she stands out from the typical East Coast fashion girl with her hippie-style and super flared-jeans. Her favorite brands are Free People and Maaji (for bikini and athleisure purchases). Sierra’s HappyStyles consist of all things 70s and beachy. Sierra has ventured throughout the South Pacific with her family and also a little in Europe.  Some countries on her travel wish list are Bali, The Solomon Islands, Norway, Greece and the Marquesas. Things that create her happy are iced lattes, gluten-free blueberry muffins, coastal drives, the Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, flared jeans, Birkenstocks, Parks and Recreation, her spotify playlists, family, friends and Jesus!  Sierra hopes that this blog will not only inspire others to focus on their daily joys of life, but that it also gives her a reason to be inspired by her own hunt for what creates her happiness.