HappyHumans: Kate Swanson

HappyHumans: Kate Swanson

For our first edition of HappyHumans, who better to debut than birthday girl and HappinessHunt co-founder, Kate Swanson! 

We recently caught up with our favorite Yale socialite to find her happiest secrets.

What gives you happiness?

K: Laughing to the point of a good ab workout!

What would you say your style is?

K: Still trying to figure it out.

What is your current favorite trend?

K: I wouldn't necessarily call it a trend, but I'm going through a phase of being in love with high waisted retro Levi jeans.

If you were cool enough to go to Coachella this weekend, what would you wear?

K: Lots of jewelry, I definitely would splurge to wear something I would never wear outside of Coachella.

Favorite snack?


Favorite dessert?

K: Cookie dough is my Achilles heel

Favorite playlist on Spotify?

K: In all honesty, I'm rogue in the sense that I use Apple Music and will listen to coasts radio forever and ever. 

What's your next dream destination?

K: Oh the places I'm dying to see! I really want to go to Thailand, I've also never been to Asia so I think exploring that part of the map is essencials before I return to a continent I've been to.

Tea or Coffee?

K: Tea, but let me tell you as of late I've learned to drink some coffee with the end of the school year. 

Favorite type of donut?

K: Glazed, I'm a classics girl.

If you could live in one city for the rest of your life, where would you live?

K: I still have so many cities to explore!!! I am oh so sorry, but I simply cannot answer this question. The requirements, however, are great food, sun with a taste of seasons, and accessibility to see the rest of the world.

Accessory you can't live without?

K: I feel so extra saying this, but if I'm being honest my pearl earrings (they go with absolutely everything and I have such an attachment to them).

What inspires you?

K: People who face unimaginable obstacles and come out stronger and more positive than before. Specifically this is why I've decided to study history!! People are so so incredible, so truthfully individuals inspire me.


Nothing like having your first glazed donut after giving it up for lent! Kate is so brave!

Nothing like having your first glazed donut after giving it up for lent! Kate is so brave!

Thanks for catching up with us Kate! We hope your birthday is full of avocados, donuts and happiness!


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