HappyEarth Hunts

HappyEarth Hunts

Princeville, Kauai - where it's hard not to love the earth.

Princeville, Kauai - where it's hard not to love the earth.

Happy Earth Day to all of our hunters! Our cute planet is the ultimate source of our most cheerful happiness and to it we are forever grateful! 

Today is the day to go outside, dwell in the absolute beauty of this planet, snap a picture of it, Instagram it (if you don't post do you even love the earth?) and then say a few words about reduce, reuse, recycle, global warming, the draught, plastic, the polar bears, the dolphins, and then move along with our day.

But how can we actually commit to helping this planet in a way that's fun for everyone? For us, we are always more motivated if there is an incentive of being cool and trendy while doing it. Obviously. So why not be eco-friendly and fashion-forward simultaneously?!

We've teamed up with Amazon (jk lol not famous enough yet) to hunt for some earth-friendly trends to make the whole planet happy!

Happy Hunting!

Quit using plastic bags! Instead, get yourself a reusable bag with your dog's face on it!


Be like every other college girl and get a S'well water bottle and say no more to buying those plastic waters! Nothing screams "I'm cool and I care about reducing" like one of these guys.


If you are someone who puts weird fruits in your water and want to show the world how granola you are, buy this stainless steel bad-boy so everyone can see and be jealous of your watermelon-cucumber-lemon-mint refresher! So eco-trendy!

Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Bathing Milk for Women, 7.8 Ounce
99 Perfumes (EPI Enterprises, LLC) - DROPSHIP

Because I've been told soaking yourself in milk saves the polar bears! Yay!


Rise and Shine and Reuse!


Jokes on you! This one's just to mess with you guys. I would rather you dump a year's worth of Starbucks cups into a dolphin-breeding area of the ocean than drink coffee out of a cup that says "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts." Dear God.


I'm always a cereal killer when it comes to fruit loops and saving the earth. 



Imagine the little man drowning in fresh strawberries and try not to press buy.


Why waste plastic bowls when you can have a set of multicolor ones for each ice cream flavor in your fridge!


Be exfoliated by the earth.


In all seriousness now, this brand is dope! Teeki uses recycled plastics to make all of their yoga pants! On top of their ultimate cuteness, they are so soft and comfortable! This is your perfect excuse to splurge on funky yoga pants for a good cause!


FP Limited Edition X National Parks Tee

Also check out Free People who is teaming up with the National Park Foundation and donating $50,000 to their cause! Make a difference and purchase one of these cute Yosemite Tees! Yay for Charitable Fashion!

Hope you guys got some ideas! Now let's get to it and activate our Amazon-Prime addictions to improve the earth for all generations to come! 


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