The Detox You Need This Summer

The Detox You Need This Summer

Summer is always the season for shedding - whether that means starting your bikini-bod series fashionably late, or getting a fresh haircut to show off in the sun - there’s something about those summer rays that put everyone in a detox craze.

But don’t worry, this isn't some LA-styled digest trying to convince you to only drink kale for the next few days in order to fit back into that super cute bikini you bought freshman year of high school. This detox focuses more on how to boost your summer happiness (I mean duhh), rather than your metabolism, or whatever they claim blending kale with water does to you.

The real consumption issue I’m pretty sure many of us are facing now is this social media over-indulgence. The average young adult spends about 2 hours a day on social media, which adds up to be about 30 entire days a year. I don’t know about you guys, but we think that’s pretty SPOOKY! What’s even more troubling is that most of this time is spent scrolling through the lux lives of “influencers” glorified all over social platforms. So basically we spend 30 days every year not only detached from reality, but also finding reasons as to why our own reality isn’t good enough.

Don’t get us wrong, there are many wonderful things about social media. It’s our way of finding new places to eat, fun recipes to cook, beautiful destinations to put on our travel list, and funky styles to inspire our next outfit. But there are many aspects of social media and scrolling through the seemingly perfect feeds of influencers, that may subconsciously be putting us in the dumps.

So how do we bring back the joy and inspiration to our social scrolls?

Oh you bet, it’s a detox!!

Any obsession needs some reflection. And going by statistics, most of us are pretty obsessed with social media. So how can we reflect on our social scrolls and feeds to begin to realize what might be toxic to our happiness?

The best way to go through this process is to scroll through your "following" list and unfollow all of the counts you can live without. For us, that’s a lot of brands and models that aren’t leaving us with any sort of inspiration or joy at the end of our consumption.

Now that you've taken the first trimming steps into your detox, dig a little deeper into the rest of your list to discover the general message that the remaining brands and influencers are sending out. Is it real? Is it genuine? Does it make you want to get up out of your seat (most likely your toilet) and live? Or does it make you look in the mirror with disgust and doubt? Surround your social environment with things and people that leave you feeling energized and happy.

This detox may look different for everyone - and that’s exactly the beauty of it. We should all curate our feeds and followers based on what brings us joy.

For Sierra, that’s her friends, family, athletic idols, creative geniuses, acai bowl gurus, aloha vibes, bad-ass surfer girls, faith inspirations, and some of her favorite brands (aka Free People and Billabong).

For Kate, that’s food, evolving fashion bloggers, her friends and family, athletic motivators, inspirational brands, sneaker accounts, and travel blogs galore.

So get out there and try the cool-girl detox of the season! Below we’ve included some of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow to give you some inspo as you go through your cleanse. We promise this cleanse will leave you feeling replenished and extra inspired to be your best, happiest self this summer!

First, here's a run through of some of Sierra's all-time-fav accounts to follow for all of her beachy, California girl wander-lust.

@thehappinesshunt - Shameless plug! Follow for all things happy


@earthyandy - your ultimate acai bowl, smoothie and cute grom familly inspo-heaven!! 


@findyourcalifornia - maybe my favorite photographer/creator at the moment! A great follow if you're trying to get in the California state of mind, and if you want a reason to be a cool-girl and start riding skateboards.


@goldfishkiss - the most WONDERFUL feed for anyone who loves beachy art, great outfit inspo, beautiful landscapes, workout inspo, cute bikinis, and sprinkled in pics of her adorable son!


@thesaltyblonde - my go-to for style inspo and aloha vibes


@oceanramsey - this fearless, bad-ass shark whisperer & marine biologist free dives with sharks and helps spread the word about shark conservation.



Now Kate's favorite accounts to follow for her happiness hunt!

@weworewhat - OOTD heaven!


@foodloverheaven1 - this account seriously takes you to heaven and on the hunt for all things yummy and beautiful (like rainbow grilled cheese ofc)


@brkicks - how Kate keeps up to date on all things basketball, culture, sneakers, and probably Lebron.


@beautifuldestinations - this feed always leads into a few hours scrambling on google flights to see if you can afford your next dream destination.


@gypsea_lust - get your wander-fully lost on! You'll want to quit your day job, pack your suitcase with sundresses & bikinis, and travel the world.



Now go get your cleanse on to get a boost of inspiration and happiness in all of your social scrolls this summer!



The Happiness Hunt



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